Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay…

It seems I can’t go a day without seeing something in the media about Lindsay Lohan. Everywhere I turn, magazines in supermarkets, at newsstands, on the T.V., there she is, her latest exploit exposed for all to see. I’m starting to find it rather annoying. Not necessarily her actions but those of the media, the courts, and of anyone who thinks we really give a damn. Why is our culture so obsessed with the poor-little-rich-girl types? Why is America so absorbed with the lives of these divas? Why does anyone I ask have no idea who Ben Bernanke is, but seems to possess an intimate knowledge of Lindsay Lohan. I find it ludicrous that this is the poor state of affairs surrounding our society.

I asked a few people what they thought about Lindsay Lohan’s court troubles at work and they looked at me half crazy for even asking. I’m sure wondering why I even cared. It’s not typical of me to talk about the latest celeb gossip or this ever-present pop culture. All my co-workers had to say was, “I hope she finally gets what is coming to her.” Truth be told, I agree.

I follow this subject loosely, as I can’t escape it. Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in jail; of those 90 days she was sentenced to she served only 11. I know California has a half-time statute for non-strike offenders, but if my math skills are not horrible I believe she should have served at least 45 days. How does someone get 30 days less than they should have because of their celebrity? Sure, usually they don’t prosecute celebrities, I mean look at O.J., but once you have been sentenced how do they change the rules? I just don’t understand it. If that were me, or any other non celebrity, we would have served the full term. I believe this sets a terrible example for the younger generations. Our court systems, our symbols of justice, are being bought; right in front of the eyes of America.

Today I turn on the T.V. and see that Lindsay failed her first drug test…Big surprise! Maybe if our justice system upholds its values then possibly Ms. Lohan would learn her lesson. Let’s face it, 11 days in jail is almost a vacation. She has learned nothing and continues to waste the time of the courts and the money of the taxpayers. She continues to waste our time by being featured in the media. I can only wait for the day I see her face in another movie and not on my nightly news channel. I never thought I would see the day I actually hoped to see a Lindsay Lohan movie, funny how things work out.

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